Geelong Women Unionists Network - GWUN

The GWUN sisters warmly invite you to our on-line forum on the impacts of the global pandemic on working women.

It’s widely recognised that women have been on the front lines of the pandemic and have also lost more jobs, more pay and more work hours than me. Our speakers will discuss a range of issues affecting working women followed by time for questions and discussion.

Please join us via the Zoom link below.

Our current rule of law in rape and sexual assault cases is so weighted against victim/survivors that rarely men are found guilting of these crimes and victim/survivors are often traumatised again. Very few women report these crimes, fewer get to court and even fewer have successful outcomes.

Often when women speak up about these crimes the public do not recognise the validity unless it is proven in a criminal court. Not every woman wants a criminal process and less want the system we currently have.

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