David Rovics

US-based singer-songwriter David Rovics wrote this song on hearing of the arrest of long-time human rights activist Stephen Langford, who was charged with defacing the Governor Lachlan Macquarie statue in Sydney's Hyde Park.

US singer songwriter David Rovics singing his brand new song "Viral solidarity", in Brisbane on March 14

The United Nations has a strict definition of the term "refugee," whereby you are only a refugee if you are fleeing war or persecution of some kind. If you are fleeing a place because there is no way for you to feed yourself or your family if you stay, the UN defines this kind of movement as "migration." Until 1967, the only refugees recognized by the original refugee convention were Europeans.
@intro =I wouldn’t want to elevate anybody to inappropriately high heights, but for me, Utah Phillips was a legend.
Two soldiers had been captured They'd crossed to the other side Two soldiers taken prisoner Several others died This is how it started So said the Jewish state Forget about 96, 82 67, 48 Two soldiers taken hostage And by the Sea of
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