Conservation Council of WA

Perth community will gather for a peaceful vigil as fossil fuel company Woodside starts trying to construct a massive new gas field off the Pilbara coast.

While climate science calls for an immediate end to fossil fuels, corporations like Woodside are still planning massive new gas projects all over our state. Together, we will take a stand, fight for our communities, and drive down emissions in our state. Are you in? 

Join us for a special evening with Professor Ian Lowe AO and CCWA President Carmen Lawrence AO to explore the history of the nuclear industry in Australia.

This is an important time to reflect on the nuclear industry and Australia's role in it - and we can't think of two better people to do that with! 

70 years ago the British government tested their first nuclear weapon, in Australia, off the coast of WA at the Montebello Islands.

Today we face the threat of nuclear weapons and ongoing pressure to mine uranium. This is an important time to remember the humanitarian impacts of the nuclear industry and nuclear weapons.

Join us as we talk to people about the impacts of Operation Hurricane and subsequent nuclear tests on the health of those exposed and the environment. 

Join us at Deep Yellow's Annual General Meeting Friday 25 November join us from any time from 2pm.
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