UAW strikers

While the United Auto Workers (UAW) "Stand Up Strike" in the US has received global attention, in Canada, unionists ratified a three-year deal with Ford on September 24 — the first target in their pattern bargaining with the Big Three, reports Jeff Shantz.

Book covers

Water, farming, nuclear tests, copper mining, new biology, and sugar. Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus presents six books to help understand and change the world.

Canada fires

Canada's fires have already burned more than eight million hectares of land, severely impacting Indigenous communities already struggling to protect their land, reports Jeff Shantz.


Canadian dockworkers in British Columbia voted on August 3‒4 to accept a new tentative agreement with employers, reports Jeff Shantz.


Rank-and-file members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada (ILWU) in British Columbia have voted down an employment agreement foisted on them by a government mediator, reports Jeff Shantz.

BC dockworkers strike

Dockworkers ended their strike in British Columbia, following a controversial ruling by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to declare their strike illegal, reports Jeff Shantz.

BC dockworkers strike

The picket lines are back up and dock workers in ports along the coast of British Columbia are again on strike after rejecting a deal mediated by the federal government, reports Jeff Shantz.


The strike by nearly 7500 dock workers in British Columbia may have come to an end after nearly two weeks, as the union and shipping bosses announced a tentative agreement, reports Jeff Shantz.

BC dockworkers strike

More than 10 days into the mass strike by Canadian dockworkers in British Columbia, dockworkers on the West Coast of the United States declared their refusal to handle containers rerouted from the struck Port of Vancouver, reports Jeff Shantz.

British Columbia port strikes

About 7400 Canadian port workers, members of the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union), have been on strike at more than 30 ports across British Columbia since July 1, reports Jeff Shantz.

Bay Du Nord_cr_sierra_club

Canadian politics was rocked on May 31, with news that Norwegian oil giant Equinor’s Bay du Nord project, the first deep water oil project in Canada, has been stopped for a period of three years, reports Jeff Shantz.

Michael A Lebowitz

Marxist economist Michael A Lebowitz passed away at home on April 19. With his death, the international left has lost one of its most insightful and original thinkers, writes Federico Fuentes.