Youth workers 'evil': cop


Youth workers 'evil': cop

By Sean Healy

PERTH — Retiring Police Superintendent Kevin Moran has called for a royal commission to investigate youth workers and their "evil" impact on society and young people.

"The youth industry in Australia is out of control and its impact upon the social fabric of this state and Australia has been profoundly evil", Moran was quoted as saying in the June 10 West Australian.

"Police see daily the unhappiness caused by the youth industry, its ineffectiveness and use of children in furthering its philosophies of child rights."

Moran was, coincidentally, the police officer responsible for the implementation of Operation Sweep, which aimed at driving young people under 18 off the streets of the inner city.

The operation provoked widespread opposition from the community for its blatant disregard for the civil rights of young people. Youth workers were instrumental in getting the operation suspended, at least temporarily.