Youth lead Arab revolt

February 12, 2011

Youth are leading revolts in Egypt, Tunisia and the rest of the Arab world to overthrow US backed regimes.

February 8 statement by Resistance, socialist youth organisation.

Resistance stands in solidarity with people in Tunisia, Egypt and the Arab world to overthrow US backed regimes. Once again the youth in these countries are at the forefront of a popular revolt against dictatorship.

Just as young people led the way in after Iran's 2009 presidential elections, which precipitated in to the biggest political crisis in Iran since the 1979 Revolution, the revolt in Tunisia, Egypt and rest of the Arab world is clearly fuelled by the youth who are tired of seemingly unending relegation to the margins of their country's political process and are demanding change in the most fundamental of ways.

In the case of Tunisia, as remarkably known now, weeks of unrelenting protests by throngs of young people amidst heavy-handed resistance by the country's security forces culminated in the spectacular deposition of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali; bringing an ignoble end to more than 23 years of his regime's repressive rule.

Similarly in Cairo, tens of thousands of young Egyptians are at the forefront of the revolt that is impatient and impervious to the Egyptian security officials' panoply of tear gas, rubber bullets and torture tactics.

These young revolutionaries are refusing to back down in the face of brute violence perpetuated by the security forces and paid thugs of Hosni Mubarak, a low life dictator who has been in power since 1981. During this time the people have been denied free elections and a democratic parliament.

While more then 40 million Egyptians live on less than $2 a day and more than 1 million children live on the streets, the US continues to give billions, mostly in military aid, to the regime. It is no surprise that any expression of dissent unleashes a severe repression by the iron hand of the State.

America needs to back off.

The tragedies of Iraq and Afghanistan have demonstrated the falsehood of US claims that its interference in the region is to bring about democratic regime change. The people of Tunisia and Egypt, along with the rest of the region, are showing where genuinely democratic regime change will come from - the people themselves.

The Arab uprisings are not just against US-backed dictators. They are against mass poverty and suffrage that results from their governments implementing neoliberal capitalist policies. The policies of multinational institutions like the IMF and World Bank, implemented by the puppet regimes in the Arab world, have created mass poverty, unemployment and a lack of opportunities for ordinary people.

These vicious policies of Western imperialism and state brutality have led to decades of misery inflicted upon our Arab brothers and sisters.

But now people around Egypt are united behind one battle cry: “Kafia” - No More.

And we stand united in spreading this youth revolt internationally.

The Resistance Socialist Youth calls for:

1. No foreign interference!
2. No western support for dictatorships!
3. Mubarak must resign immediately!
4. Free elections now!


"No western support for dictatorships!" What? Like Iran, Syria and Libya? Aren't they allies of Hugo Chavez? In fact, maybe Hugo will be next 'strongman' to topple.
Despite the reporting of the global press at present, Gadaffi's biggest ally since 1998 hasn't been Venezuela but the US, who under Bush welcomed his "Libyan way" of negotiated settlement and reparations for peace and economic ties. Chavez isn't a "strongman" (or dictator as the US press are happy to call him in a way they aren't their allies in the middle east), but a democratically elected president. Each one of Venezuela's 15 elections over the past 13 years, has been deemed "free and fair" by international observers. He attempted a military coup in 1991, but then renounced violence and called on the soldiers to obey their government when it became clear it would be a bloodbath. Since then he has been a leader of grassroots democratic struggle which has mobilised people in a way that Gadaffi's "revolution" never did. Human rights in Venezuela have taken a bold leap forward since 1998. The rights to education and health have both been written into the constution, and backed up by government programs to support community-controlled initatives in this regard. Illiteracy has effectively been wiped out in 10 years. The opposite is true of the oppressive regimes throughout the middle-east, like US ally's Mubarak's, which suspended the constutition through a "state of emergency" for 30 years.

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