Youth Invasion Day protest in Launceston


A youth march will be held in Launceston on January 26, Invasion Day. The march organiser, Nala Mansell, told Green Left Weekly that Aboriginal young people from all over Tasmania will be coming together to say that they won't be part of the "Australia Day" celebrations.

"Invasion Day marks the day that white people first invaded our country, and dominated our people. For us it is a day of mourning for the loss of our ancestors", Mansell said. "We will be calling on white Australia to recognise Aboriginal rights, a key part of which is land rights."

Mansell argues that instead of celebrating a day marking the victory of one race over another, a more appropriate date could be found on which all the people of Australia could celebrate together.

The Launceston march will leave from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, 182 Charles Street, at 11am. For more information, phone (03) 6332 3800.