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Brandon Astor Jones

Re your column "Looking out" by Brandon Astor Jones, a death row prisoner in Georgia, U.S.A. You may not be aware that Brandon has been imprisoned for over 14 years and during all that time he has not seen any member of his large family. Unfortunately, his family live in Chicago, over a thousand miles away, and they are too poor to afford the fare to visit him. (Brandon hitchhiked to Georgia from Chicago looking for work).

He has seven grandchildren and also one great-granddaughter, none of whom he has ever seen. Naturally, he longs to see them — especially since he has been unable to secure the services of a private attorney (due to insufficient funds) and he fears his final appeal may not be successful.

I am trying to arrange for Brandon's daughter and some of his grandchildren to visit him in the very near future. Mr Ed Weir of Hospitality House in Georgia has kindly offered them accommodation, but we still need money for their fares. If you or any of your friends can please help out with a donation, please send it to: Mrs Stephanie Wilkinson, 18 Oldfield Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147. (Cheques payable to Stephanie Wilkinson, please.)

We are also still collecting for Brandon's Defense Fund and donations to this will also be gratefully received. Donations can be made at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank to the Brandon Astor Jones Defense Fund, Account No. 2220/5002709.

Anything you can send will be greatly appreciated, and perhaps you can think of other ways to raise funds for this project. One thing I do know is that Brandon will be extremely grateful for your help.

Thank you for caring — and thank you for your assistance.
Stephanie Wilkinson
Seven Hills NSW