Women take a stand against racism


On March 8, a group of 16 Indigenous women and children were thrown out of the Haven Inn backpackers accommodation, after tourists complained to management that their presence made them feel "scared".

The group had traveled from Yuendumu to attend a water safety program, having just received a new pool in their community. However, not long after checking in, they were asked to leave. Management defended their actions, saying that they were asked to leave because the hostel is for "international tourists". They have since changed their story, and said the women were in fact not thrown out.

However, the March 12 Sydney Morning Herald reported that the women were offered $480 if they didn't speak up about their treatment. One of the women involved told the SMH: "We would have let a whole lot of Aboriginal people down [had we accepted the money]."

The women have made a formal complaint to the Northern Territory's anti-discrimination commission.