WikiLeaks supporters in Sydney plan picket of British consulate to stand up for Assange

Police at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Photo from Twitter by @odotm who has been tweeting and livestreaming from the scene.

The Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition released the statement below on August 16.

* * *

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Ricordo Patino, has confirmed that UK police have threatened to invade the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and arrest Julian Assange. This would be an unprecedented and scandalous violation of international law.

Ecuador is expected to announce its decision on Assange’s asylum application tonight (10pm AEST, Thursday 16 August). Even if it is granted, UK authorities have made it clear they will still try to arrest Assange.

The Australian government has consistently refused to even acknowledge the US-led political persecution of Assange, let alone defend him. We need to show the UK that the Australian people are prepared to do what our government won’t: stand up for Assange.

Please join us for an emergency rally at 5pm TOMORROW, Friday 17th August, outside the UK Consulate, Gateway Plaza, Quay Side, Alfred Street (opp. Circular Quay Station).

Bring your whistles, placards and voices to let the UK government know what we think of their servility and cowardice in what can only be surmised as kowtowing to US demands!

[For details phone Linda on 0401 511 588.]

* * *

In Brisbane, an emergency rally to support Julian #Assange will take place today, Aug 16, 4pm, outside DFAT, Ann St. Visit here for details.

Photos of Sydney rally by Peter Boyle:


If something like an invasion into an embassy happens in order to arrest Assange I´d say that all my hopes for the future are gone......... I´m just a person in a far away . country and I know my opinion counts nothing , but I expect to be thinking like most of the people in the world and then.......yes, it counts. We´ve had enough injustice and failure along the way and for me ( and I hope for all of us ) if Ecuador doesn´t grand Assange asylum it proves to be against Truth , and if UK doesn´t respect the will of thousands it proves that we´ve been hiring the wrong people to serve our rights. It´s not only about Assange, it´s about who´s who and who makes money from our pockets. If the world is supposed to be evolving from jungle that´s a good time to watch and have a revealing sight of the position we are in now !!!
It will all be over by 5pm tomorrow evening. Action must happen today, Thursday 16/8 and should be vigil, waiting on response form Ecuadorian Embassy.
Anyone know what website is the best to find out about that? Is this the place?
For details of a possible Melbourne action, check They have advised that will make an announcement about a Melbourne protest tonight, after Ecuador makes its decision on whether to grant Assange asylum (@ approx 10pm AEST)
tomorrow, 17 August noon British Consulate 17th Floor 90 Collins Street Melbourne

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