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Marcel van der Linden is Senior Researcher at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, widely recognized for his work on global labor history. In this interview, Ideas de Izquierda's Paula Varela speaks with Van der Linden about Marx's conceptualization of the working class and Van der Linden's efforts to build on this theory with the idea of “subaltern workers.”

In 1918, Trotsky was given the job of creating a Red Army to fight off its enemies from within and without. Trotsky, writes Doug Edna Greene, possessed no military training, but forged a well-organised and effective fighting army of 5.5 million people by 1920 that triumphed in the Civil War.

Mass protests have vigorously and consistently spread across Macedonia through April, writes Adela Gjorgjioska. The spark of citizen revolt was caused by a Presidential blanket amnesty acquitting 56 officials from charges ranging from election rigging, embezzlement of public money and property, to corruption and party take-overs of state institutions.

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