This week in history


February 23

1965: Thirty students are escorted out of Moree, NSW, after protesting discrimination against Aborigines using the town's swimming pool.

February 24

1834: Six Tolpuddle Martyrs are arrested for organising a union and are deported from England to Australia.

1912: Women and children are beaten by police in Lawrence, USA, during the "Bread and Roses" strike.

February 26

2002: In South Korea, 132,000 workers join a general strike against privatisation and for shorter work hours.

2003: Queensland building workers launch a 10-day strike for a 36-hour week.

February 28

1970: Journalist Wilfred Burchett is allowed to return to Australia after a 15-year ban for his communist politics.

March 1

1968: TAA pilots strike, but are undermined by scabs from Ansett.

1981: IRA prisoner Bobby Sands begins a hunger strike in the H-Blocks.

From Green Left Weekly, February 23, 2005.
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