This week in history


March 2

1905: Following protests in New Zealand, Maori people are given "European status" under the White Australia policy.

March 3

2004: Victorian teachers strike, demanding an end to contract labour.

March 4

1804: 300 Irish convicts revolt at Castle Hill, Toongabbie.


United Auto Workers win sit-down strike in Flint, USA.

2002: 50,000 oil workers surround the Daqing Petroleum office in China.

March 5

1772: "Explorer" Marion du Fesne is hit in the head and ordered off the island of Tasmania by angry Aborigines.

1871: Rosa Luxembourg is born.

March 6

1984: Year-long British miners' strike begins.

March 7

1860: 6000 shoemakers and 20,000 other workers strike in New England, USA.

March 8

1917: International Women's Day protests trigger the Russian Revolution.

From Green Left Weekly, March 2, 2005.
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