'We remember Vietnam'



DARWIN — Chanting "You can't bomb Afghanistan, we remember Vietnam", 150 protesters marched to the Parap markets on November 3. Members of the Socialist Alliance, Australian Greens and Australian Democrats attended the protest.

Gary Meyerhoff, NT Senate candidate for the Socialist Alliance, received strong support for solutions to terrorism such as cancelling Third World debt and not arming dictatorial governments. He spoke of the need to build a grassroots movement against the war "which will endure past the federal election campaign".

Melanie Ross, NT Senate candidate for the Australian Greens, called on those present to vote against the major parties. "A vote for the major parties is a vote for war and for death. A vote for minor parties such as the Greens, the Democrats and Socialist Alliance is a vote for peace", she said.

Robyn Waite, a member of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor, read a poem about the terrorists in the White House and criticised the hypocrisy of political leaders "who have created terror everywhere".

From Green Left Weekly, November 7, 2001.

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