We are refugees


No … politeness, happiness, humanity
Have … pain, sorrow, suffering
Nobody is here … to love us
Nobody is here … to be honesty
We are suffering without love

We were expecting politeness
We were looking for humanity. But
We couldn't see it, anywhere
We also couldn't see the dream

We are suffering difficulties for a long time
We faced so many sorrows in our country
Even we can't tell anything about our past life
We can't explain in a word.
We wanted to escape from our country
We looked to Australia to save our life
We became as refugees and orphans
How to explain our difficulties?

We are thinking our family's sorrow will not finish
Like unceasing waves can never be stable
Nobody understands about our situation
Nobody considers our sorrow
They ordered:
"Don't go out, even to pray to God"
"Don't go to oval"

"Don't explain your situation to others"
"Don't talk about your sorrow"
"We don't consider anyone because you are refugees in Christmas Island"

[The author of this poem is imprisoned in Alpha Compound, Christmas Island.]