Walk Against Warming


Walk against Warming is an international day of action to bring the issue of global warming to the attention of governments. This year it is happening on November 4 and rallies will be held around Australia demanding: more support for renewable energy, no nuclear and no new coal-fired power; better public transport; and that the Australian government ratify the Kyoto protocol.

In Melbourne, the action precedes the November 25 state election so is an opportunity to tell the politicians that we want immediate action on climate change. In Hobart, an ongoing climate-change campaign group is being established. For more information about the new group, phone Mel on 0423 978 518.

Join the Walk against Warming in: Sydney city, 11am, Martin Place; Parramatta, 9.30am, the amphitheatre; Melbourne, 1pm, Town Hall; Brisbane, 2pm, Queens Park; Canberra, noon, Legislative Assembly building; Perth, 12:30pm, Russell Square, Northbridge; and Hobart, noon, Franklin Square. For more information, visit ><http://www.walkagainstwarming.org>.

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