WA gay pride march


WA gay pride march

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — Five hundred members of Perth's gay and lesbian community celebrated gay pride through Northbridge on 26 October.

The march had a party-like atmosphere with floats, many banners, balloons and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Darren Ray, one of the organisers, said, "From the reactions of all the people standing on the pavement watching, we shook the foundations and we did it bloody well."

Chants during the march included, "We're queer, we're here, and we're not going shopping".

The fact that the march was the night after the Women Reclaim the Night march was significant in that gays and lesbians risk being bashed and abused when out at night as well as women.

The organisers hope that the pride rally next year will be even bigger, possibly a Mardi Gras.