Vote with your feet, march on the street


This year, Walk against Warming rallies are happening two weeks before the federal election. The rallies will be an important way for thousands of people across Australia to send a direct message to governments about the massive changes we need to avoid dangerous climate change. But more than that it will also give young people a voice and inspire them beyond the federal election to get active in grassroots campaigns to stop climate change.

As youth are the ones who will have to deal with the environmental legacy of climate change, we should thoroughly reject the idea that clean coal or nuclear power are solutions to the crisis. Instead we should insist that dramatic emission reduction targets are introduced and a switch to renewable energy is made.

Resistance is currently organising youth and students to come to the rallies and join a colourful contingent of young people who clearly reject false solutions to climate change. The theme of the contingent will be "Our world, our future. Vote with your feet."

We are also encouraging young people to get involved in groups that are working to stop climate change, to keep up the pressure after the rallies <197 and the elections — are over.

It won't be long now until the federal election will be called which means the rallies could be held really soon, so help us get the word out there now. For details of rallies in your town or city visit <>, and to join in the youth contingent and vote with your feet visit <>