Vote socialist in the WA elections

Socialist Alliance candidates Sam Wainwright (L) for Fremantle and Marianne Mackay (R) for South Metropolitan (Legislative Council). Photo: Socialist Alliance WA

Early voting has begun in Western Australia. Socialist Alliance is asking you to consider putting it number 1 on the ballot because it is the only voice in this election that directly challenges the logic of the capitalist system that always seeks to maximise growth and profits at the expense of people’s lives and the environment. 

A vote for SA sends a message to the big parties that you too support the creation of a social power - in our communities, on the streets and in our workplaces - that can break the influence of the big corporations that rule this country and replace them with a just and democratic society that lives in peace with the planet. 

Get in touch if you can help out: Phone 0412 751 508 or email