Vigils for East Timor


Vigils for East Timor

By Graham Matthews

BRISBANE — The second of three planned vigils in support of East Timor was held at King George Square on May 2 at 6.30pm. The vigil was organised by the Graceville-Corinda parish, and more than 100 people attended. At the first vigil a week before, more than 150 people came.

The vigil was chaired by solidarity activist Paul Toon and addressed by members of the East Timorese community, including Alfonso Corte-Real, who called on the crowd to be positive in its support for East Timorese freedom. The vigil was supported by the newly formed Brisbane East Timor Action Coalition and ASIET.

Queensland justice minister Matt Foley addressed the crowd, criticising the lack of action of the Australian government to aid the Timorese struggle. Nick Everett, spokesperson for ASIET in Brisbane, drew the links between East Timor's struggle and the campaign for real democracy in Indonesia.