Venezuela: Terrorist arrested at airport

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on July 2 that intelligence services at the Caracas airport have arrested a man wanted in connection with terrorist activities in Cuba from the 1970s.

The Venezuelan government said El Salvadorean Francisco Antonio Chavez Abarca tried to enter Venezuela on July 1 on a false Guatemalan passport. Interpol alerted Venezuelan authorities to his identity and requested his arrest.

On July 7, Venezuela extradited Chavez Abarca to Cuba to face charges for bombings on the island.

Chavez said that he believed Chavez Abarca may have come to assassinate him.

Chavez Barca is accused of being an accomplice of Luis Posada Carriles, a Venezuelan-born CIA operative, who is wanted in both Venezuela and Cuba for the bombing of a 1976 commercial Cuban airliner that killed 73 people on board.

Posada was arrested in Venezuela in 1976 where he was imprisoned until 1985, when he escaped.

Posada is currently living in Miami. Venezuela has requested the extradition of Posada on numerous occasions, but and the US refuses to do so.

[Abridged from Venezuela Analysis.]