Venezuela: Massacre of revolutionary activists in Barinas

July 30, 2019
A Twitter campaign #NoMoreMurderedChavistas has been launched to raise awareness of the murder of six Chavistas in Barinas state on July 27.

Six members of the Bolívar and Zamora Revolutionary Current were murdered on July 27 by an as yet unidentified armed group, presumably mercenaries paid by sections of the local right-wing landowners.

The following statement was released by the Bolívar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (CRBZ) on July 28, translation by Pedro Alvarez.


The Bolívar and Zamora Revolutionary Current, and the Hugo Chávez Popular Defence Brigades (BDPHC), want to denounce to the country and the world the murder of six comrades of our movement by an as yet unidentified armed group, presumably mercenaries paid by sections of the local right-wing landowners.

The murdered comrades were: Eudes Yorkley Rojas, ID 17357016; Manuel J. Cordero, ID 27628648; Alexi Ontiveros Mora, ID 26928273; Eudes Rojas Peña, ID 2051746; Kevin Navas Rodríguez, ID 23007086; and Milaidy Navas Gonzealez. The events occurred on Saturday, July 27, at 10:30 am in Sector Kilometre 12 of the rural highway in Ticoporo Reserve, Sucre municipality, Barinas state, where the comrades from the BDPHC were repairing a motorbike.

The modus operandi suggests that the cowardly attack was perpetrated by a team with military training, presumably made up by of Colombian paramilitaries, former Venezuelan police officers and common criminals.

We must recall that in recent days the so-called Colombo-Venezuelan Self-Defence Units have attacked military units of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, and have systematically threatened security forces and Chavista militants. These actions are part of imperialism’s plans to intervene in our country. The fact that the operation was led by a woman with a Colombian accent gives us the confidence to affirm this.

The CRBZ and the BDPHC demand maximum diligence in the investigations to clarify what happened and to punish those responsible for both planning and executing the crime. We trust in the capacity of the state’s judicial investigative bodies, but will continue the fight, denouncing and mobilising to demand that these murders don’t go unpunished.

To the murderers, we say that we will not be intimidated, that as people we are vulnerable like any other human, but spiritually we are extremely strong because of what our people have always been, a brave and unyielding people. Wherever you look, you will find us on our feet and determined. Do not expect mercy if you act in a cowardly and deceitful way. The arms of Bolivarian justice are long and justice is always done.

To the families of the fallen comrades, we express our solidarity in these difficult times. Amid the deep sorrow, you should feel proud that your beloved ones fell as patriots, as revolutionaries. They were not criminals. They will always be martyrs of our people, militants of the noble cause they believed in and for which they offered their lives.

Honour and glory to our fallen brothers and our sister! You will always be present in our hearts and minds, in every battle and in every day of struggle. We will honour your sacrifice and, with you, we will go forward until victory always.

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