Venezuela condemns Peruvian massacires


In response to the fatal clashes between indigenous protesters and the Peruvian government, Venezuela's foreign ministry has released a statement expressing its solidarity with both the security forces and the indigenous people killed. Venezuelan indigenous affairs minister Nicia Maldonado called the Peruvian government's violent repression "terrorism".

Venezuela's foreign ministry said: "The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its solidarity with the people of Peru with regard to the events that have occurred in recent days in the Amazon region, of which hundreds of Peruvian brothers and sisters have been victim, in particular members of indigenous communities and public security forces."

Maldonado called the crack down on indigenous protestors "a terrorist act against those who wish to express themselves in the Amazon jungle.

"If anyone still had a doubt about how the neoliberal and fascist governments act, there we have it. We condemn in a categorical manner this genocide against our brothers and sisters."

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