Venezuela: Another world is happening!

If you only read the mainstream media, you would think that Venezuela is run by a dictator who suppresses democracy and violates human rights. But the opposite is true.

Contrary to media reports, a widespread social transformation is underway in Venezuela, led by a revolutionary government elected by the people with the aim of eradicating poverty and inequality by giving power to the poor.

In less than a decade, the revolution has already achieved free education at all levels for all citizens, free health care for 17 million Venezuelans who never previously had access, and millions of people have become direct participants at the grassroots level of a radically new political process.

This process has given confidence to the poor majority across Latin America that not only is a better world necessary, it is possible.

Kiraz Janicke is a Resistance member who has been based in Venezuela for the last 12 months. There she worked as a staff writer for and was a member of Green Left Weekly's bureau in Caracas. is the world's leading source of English news and information from Venezuela, and GLW is Australia's leading alternative and independent weekly newspaper, which has maintained a bureau in Venezuela since 2005, reporting on people's struggles for justice in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America.

Hear first-hand what the corporate media doesn't want you to know! Kiraz will be touring Australia from August to October to present eyewitness reports on Venezuela's revolution and the wider rebellion it has inspired throughout Latin America.

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