US tries to block UN debate


S tries to block UN debate

NEW YORK — The US government is conducting an intensive campaign at the United Nations to block a debate on the US economic embargo against the Caribbean country, Cuba's UN mission stated on October 25.

The need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba has been included on the agenda of the current session of the UN General Assembly.

The Cuban mission said the US has argued that the UN is not an appropriate forum for considering the matter since that would be an interference in its internal affairs. The US claims its policy is in keeping with international law.

In response, Cuba argues that the US blockade is "a flagrant violation of the charter of the United Nations and of international law".

By seeking the territorial application of the embargo, the US overstepped the bounds of its jurisdiction under international law and violated the sovereignty of other countries as well as Cuba's.

A similar position has been taken by the European Community, which has deemed the US measures "unacceptable under international law since they seek to regulate enterprises which are not US property".

Latin American countries have also expressed their opposition to the intervention of the US in economic transactions with Cuba.
[From Inter Press Service/Pegasus]