US socialists to attend Easter conference




The International Socialist Organization in the United States has agreed to send representatives to the Second Asia-Pacific International Solidarity Conference, to be held in Sydney, March 29-April 1, 2002.

The group will be represented by Ahmed Shawki, editor of their magazine International Socialist Review, and Paul D'Amato, associate editor.

Three representatives of another US socialist group, Solidarity — Malik Miah, Caroline Lund and Barry Sheppard — have also confirmed their attendance.

The conference aims to provide a meeting place to discuss the experiences of the growing opposition to neo-liberal globalisation, and the developing spirit of collaboration among socialist parties coming from different traditions.

The immensely successful first Asia-Pacific International Solidarity Conference in Sydney in April 1998 was attended by more than 750 people, including 67 representatives from overseas left parties and organisations. This time the conference will have greater representation, from all continents.

Socialist organisations from Europe will be well represented, addressing the exciting socialist renewal and regroupment projects developing there.

European socialists already confirmed attending include: British Marxist intellectual Alex Callinicos, , from the Socialist Workers Party of Britain; Member of European Parliament Alain Krivine, a leader of the French Revolutionary Communist League; Russian Marxist writer and political commentator, Boris Kagarlitsky; and representatives of the Portuguese Left Bloc

Confirmations of attendance from Asia and Africa are already impressive, including socialists from Pakistan, Mauritius, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, India, Nepal and South Korea.

Organisers are hopeful of the presence of a Cuban Communist Party delegation, and other activists from Latin America.

The 2002 conference is being organised by the Asia Pacific Institute for Democratisation and Development. To contact the organisers, email <>.