US to send more than 4,000 troops to Kuwait

US media reported on February 14 that more than 4000 ground combat troops are heading to Kuwait. Reports indicate it could be the US’ largest ground force in the region.

The move comes as President Barack Obama is petitioning Congress for an Authorisation for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against the Islamic State group.

Obama sent Congress the AUMF petition denying plans for a ground war, however the troops in Kuwait are prepared for any “contingency,” a Pentagon military source said.

The proposal must be approved by both the US Senate and House of Representatives. A vote is expected in March.

The AUMF has garnered opposition from some in Obama’s own Democratic Party, who want to prevent another Middle East war, as well as from Republicans, who feel it is too lenient.

The US Army has kept a brigade in Kuwait since 2011 and recently began using those soldiers to help train allies for battles against the Islamic State group.

The soldiers are from the Fort Carson-based 3rd Brigade and reports in the US media said that the soldiers have trained for more than a year for the Kuwait mission.

[News in Brief. Full story at TeleSUR English]

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