US actor Danny Glover slams US over Venezuela

Danny Glover.

During an interview with the Real News Network, US actor and activist Danny Glover criticised the US over its actions against Venezuela.

Glover accused the US of having “taken the billions of dollars that rightfully belonged to the Venezuelan people, [and] placed sanctions on it.

“They can’t use their own money on resources. And then [the US] come along as this... knight in shining armour to save them [Venezuela] with a few million dollars of — quote, unquote — humanitarian aid, which we don’t know where that money goes.

“The danger that we have now and the danger that we see is a full-scale conflict which would decimate not simply people’s lives, but the gains that were made by this action called the Bolivarian revolution over the last 20 years. This is an attempt to kill that. That is what is on the table and had always been on the table.”

Reprinted from Telesur English.