UNSW redundancies


UNSW redundancies I

Your article "Student organisation imposes AWAs" (GLW #691) contained a glaring inaccuracy. The UNSW Student Guild did not give staff 24 hours notice of their redundancies as reported. If you had checked the enterprise agreement covering staff employed at the guild or in fact asked anyone at the guild, you would have found staff had several months worth of consultation over the proposed redundancies followed by a three month notice period. VSU is sadly a reality for student organisations and to demonise the students who have been forced to make staff redundant as a result, is downright unfair.

Xavier O'Halloran

president, UNSW Student Guild

UNSW redundancies II

I was one of the authors of the GLW article Xavier O'Halloran complains about. Whether the guild engaged in "several months of consultation over proposed redundancies" is irrelevant. What GLW reported — that the guild's staff were informed of when they would actually be made redundant only 24 hours beforehand — was accurate.

Emma Clancy

Ashfield, NSW