The Queensland Government is threatening to build a dam on the Mary River at Traveston Crossing.

This dam will endanger the Queensland Lung Fish, flood the nesting sites of the endangered Mary River Turtle and endanger the Eastern Cod. All these species are legally protected in the catchment of the Mary River.

The song below should be sung to the tune of Glen Campbell's Galveston.

Traveston, oh Traveston, I still hear your river flowin
I still see your lung fish blowin
I was 16 when I left Traveston
Traveston, oh Traveston, I still hear your cod fish thrashing
While I watch your turtles flashing
I wipe a tear and dream of Traveston

I still see the dam wall's slaughter
Backed up; stagnant pools of water
Slime strangling nature's daughter
On the bank where we used to run.

Traveston, oh Traveston, I am so afraid you're dying
Before I dry the tears you're crying
Before I watch your black ducks flying in the sun
At Traveston, at Traveston