Time for full divestment from fossil fuels, UTas

Pro divestment banner displayed at University of Tasmania.

Now that the University of Tasmania (UTas) is implementing a carbon neutral policy, it is time to focus efforts on full divestment from fossil fuels. Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance activist Emma Field asked Carly Rusden from Fossil Free UTas about their latest action.

* * *

I put a few banners up to represent our group Fossil Free UTas today. This is mainly to raise awareness of the fact that the university has some investments, directly and indirectly, in coal, oil and other fossil fuel industries.

Our campaign has been running for three years now, and last year we staged a 15-day occupation in the administration building.

We had been campaigning for two years, politely and quietly building up our reputation, but the university was ignoring us. So we decided to take civil disobedience action.

The university has just started to introduce a carbon neutral policy. They are working on ways to make the university carbon neutral. But we are also maintaining a campaign for divestment, because we see divestment as an equally responsible decision. If you are going to commit to be carbon neutral, it would be hypocritical if you didn't pull those investments out of fossil fuel industries.

We are trying to move our university forward with the rest of the world, and act responsibly and efficiently.

To find out more about Fossil Free UTas look for them on .

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