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On April 2 the organisers of the March 31 refugees’ rights protest at
Villawood received a faxed letter from the detention centre, here are some

“We, residents of the Villawood detention centre, very much appreciate
and thank you for the demonstration held outside the centre on March 31.
Even though we are isolated and couldn't see you, but we could hear thousands
of people yelling for our freedom, bravo!!!

“In response to your support we spontaneously pulled down couple of
fences. Unfortunately we're forced back and they made short video of what
we're doing. With this evidence, we heard that some of our brothers in
stage III will be soon transferred to stage I (stage I is most restricted
stage). Now, many of us are more devastated and worried waiting for what
next ACM mentally punishment.

“Though we're desperately waiting for our freedom, with your support
and by telling the world of our appalling circumstances, we have faith
that the day will come very soon. In the meanwhile we desperately need
our living conditions in this detention centre to be improved. We've requested
many times with the management but no avail.

“From the bottom of our heart, please kindly accept our simple but meaningful
way of thanking you in our language by saying: Shie-shie (Chinese), Shokran
Lakom (Arabic), Terima kasih (Indonesian), Cam on (Vietnamese), Askarek
(Iraqi), Kelimamnun (Iranian), Kamsahamida (Korean), Dhanwyad (Indian),
Dhanwobad (Bangladesh), Obrigado (Portuguese), Gracias (Spanish), Malo
'Aupito (Tongan), Vinaka Vakalevu (Fijian), Shay Zu Tin Bada (Burmese),
Ese Gan (Nigerian), Kuseh (Sierra Leone), Salamat (Philippine), The William
Wallace “Freedom” (Scottish), and many other languages which we don't have
room to write down all. These languages are collected from the residents
of stage III.”

From Green Left Weekly, April 10, 2002.

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