Sydney: Emergency Libyan solidarity actions held

February 22, 2011
Protest in solidarity with Libyan people, Sydney Town Hall, February 22. Photo by Kiraz Janicke

About 200 members of the Libyan community and supporters held an angry protest at Sydney's Town Hall on February 22 to condemn the brutal massacres against pro-democracy protesters carried out by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Protesters chanted "Down, down Gaddafi!" and (in Arabic) "The people's voice must be heard!"

The rally was told the death toll in the crackdown, which has included military airplanes attacking protesters, had killed at least 500 people and injured more than 3000.

It was announced that the Libyan embassy in Australia had broken with the regime over the killings. reported that day that Libyan diplomats in embassies the United States, the United Nations, the Arab League, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Bangladesh, among others, had also either broken with the regime or resigned.

Speakers condemned Western countries that have armed the Libyan regime with the weapons now used against Libyan people and called for such support to stop.

Earlier that day in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba, a rally of about 100 people attended a protest called with five hours notice in support of the Libyan people. said on February 22: "Witnesses in Tripoli told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that fighter jets had bombed portions of the city in fresh attacks. They said that 'mercenaries' were firing on civilians in the city.

"Residents of the Tajura neighbourhood, east of Tripoli, said that dead bodies are still lying on the streets from earlier violence. At least 61 people were killed in the capital on Monday, witnesses told Al Jazeeera.

"'What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead,' Adel Mohamed Saleh said in a live broadcast.

"'Anyone who moves, even if they are in their car, they will hit you.'"

More photos of Sydney solidarity rally taken by Pip Hinman:


So now you come out in support of the Libyan people against the very dictator whom YOU have supported and who has supported you (even financially)! Appalingly late change of heart guys. DSP's support for the Gaddafi regime is well documented - of course, you will endeavour to squirm out of that by saying you just supported him because he was anti US. But it has been obvious for years that he is a brutal and insane tyrant. Your own "democratic centralism" creates the centralised heirarchy of power that is the very root of people's oppression wordwide. Wake up - let us ALL overthrow "leaders" for once and for all time!
Opposing US attacks on Libya because its government nationalised oil and put forward a foreign policy hostile to US intersts is not the same as supporting the regime or its crimes. It isn;t that complicated. And peace between the Gaddafi regime and the West was made long ago - the weapons being turned against the Libyan people were sold to Gaddafi by Western nations, many of whom have strong investments in Libya greased through their ties with the regime. The idea that Green Left recieved financial support from Gaddafi is just ridiculous. But by all means, let us hope that when Gaddafi's inevitable end comes, all the files are fully intact about exactly what dealins Gaddafi had and exactly with whom. If you find Green left Weekly on that list, I'll eat my laptop.
"Tripoli - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez continued his visit Saturday to Libya, preparing to receive an honorary degree from Tripoli's Academy of Higher Education"... In September 2009, Chavez was the guest of honour at a Libyan military parade celebrating 40 years of Gaddafi in power. Six months beforehand, a football stadium in Libya was named after the Venezuelan president. ... Yeaaahhh, Hugo.
This picture says it all...,in-pictures,picoftheday,picture-photograph-qaddafi-gaddafi-and-chavez-shout-out-venezuela
My comment mentioned the DSP's leadership not Green Left Weekly.
Then why headline it Green Left's hypocrisy? Under that headline you proceed to write: "So now you come out in support of the Libyan people against the very dictator whom YOU have supported and who has supported you (even financially)!" How else could anyone read that except as accusing Green Left of taking money from Gaddafi? The DSP does not even exist anymore — but its apparantly well-documented "support" for the regime was opposing US attacks on a sovereign country. For what it is worth, my comment stands for the former DSP as well as Green left.

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