Stop the War Sydney: No to foreign intervention in Syria

The Stop the War Coalition Sydney released the statement below on February 26.

* * *

Stop the War Coalition opposes sanctions against Syria – steps towards a military intervention – by the United States, Israel, NATO or any other foreign power.

We oppose the violence by the Syrian state and the armed mercenaries and agent provocateurs, which, in many cases, are being supported by foreign powers.

We support the Syrian people asserting their democratic rights and determining their own system of government without the kind of external intervention, which proved catastrophic in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

We therefore oppose any foreign attempts to create an unrepresentative “government-in-exile”, which would have no purpose beyond further legitimising the case for Western military intervention.

A US-NATO military operation against Syria would engulf the Middle East-Central Asia region in an extended regional war, which would result in a massive human toll and untold turmoil.

As John Pilger put it: “Today, another Afghanistan and Iraq beckon in Syria and Iran, perhaps even a world war.”

The conflict in Syria should be resolved by the Syrian people themselves.

Stop the War Coalition opposes all foreign military intervention in Syria.

Stop the War Coalition demands the Australian government put pressure on the US-NATO countries to stay out of Syria’s affairs.