Stoned Week planned


Stoned Week planned

By Freya Pinney

BRISBANE — The focus of the University of Queensland's O-Week and Recovery Week in 1994 is the decriminalisation of marijuana. This will culminated in the organisation of a Stoned Week, including a smoke-in during market day.

The smoke-in is being organised by UQ Union and High Society (a UQ club). It coincides with the anti-Goss "Speakout Against Racism and Goss's Attacks" on February 23 at 1 p.m. The smoke-in aims to pressure on the ALP government to decriminalise marijuana with the release of the Criminal Justice Commission report on marijuana (due in April).

Spokesperson for High Society Jacinta Toomey told Green Left Weekly: "High Society sees the need to put direct pressure on the ALP and Goss to decriminalise marijuana. The CJC report alone may have no effect, and the mainstream media is not commenting or even presenting information about the amount of police time and public money wasted on marijuana busts."

Moves have been made by the university administration to stop the smoke-in. The police have been contacted by the university, which is generally against university policy. However, the smoke-in will be going ahead at Main Refec Bistro.

For more info call Martin (High Society) on 844 3789 or Freya (Resistance) on 254 0565.