Stolen generation compo appealed


ADELAIDE — The South Australian government is appealing an August 2007 court ruling that awarded Bruce Trevorrow, a member of the Stolen Generations, $525,000 compensation plus interest for the pain and suffering the state had caused him.

In 1957, after receiving treatment in hospital for stomach pains, Trevorrow was placed into foster care without his parents' knowledge or consent. He was 18 months' old.

South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson claims the government is not seeking to recover the funds awarded to Trevorrow, but to clarify points of law for future stolen generations claims.

Neil Gillespie from the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement was quoted by ABC Online on February 28 as saying the state was "carrying on the legacy of 12 years of right wing politics and it's very disappointing".

"What was determined by the courts was right and just and I'd like to see the State Government make a final determination in formulating a realistic and fair and equitable compensation scheme", Gillespie said.

Despite his February 13 official apology to the Stolen Generations, PM Kevin Rudd has ruled out any national compensation scheme.