Staging the world back home


By Susan Mackie

SYDNEY — Carnivale kicks off with a free opening celebration, including an open air World Music Concert on October 6 at Campbell's Cove, which features international acts Lucky Dube — who some refer to as Africa's Peter Tosh — and the Birmingham Sunlights, the USA's most popular a cappella gospel group.

The concert is accompanied by an International Food Fair. An array of cuisines, from tandoori and yakitori, to satay and samosas, will be on offer.

The festival runs from October 5 to 20 throughout New South Wales. The program includes more than 200 multicultural concerts, exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, sporting events, workshops and displays.

Carnivale's director, Renato Rispoli, says: "One of the great strengths of the Carnivale Festival is that it recognises the traditional origins of the many cultural groups in Australian society and also pays tribute to the way these groups have developed and influenced our contemporary cultural practices".

Audiences can experience international theatre created in Australia by artists from a dozen companies and as many countries. "Staging the world at home" brings together original, bilingual, sometimes traditional and sometimes revolutionary, but always experimental, performances over 11 nights at the Tom Mann Theatre, Surry Hills. Each night there are two performances from different cultures for the combined cost of $12/$8 per ticket.

For more information about these performances, ring (02) 568 3776. For information regarding other Carnivale events, phone the Carnivale daily update line: 0055 63245.