Split in the DSP

The Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP), the group that initiated Green Left Weekly in 1991 as a broad left newspaper, has suffered a political split with minority critical of its continuing support for the Socialist Alliance as a new party project. This follows a nearly three-year internal debate in the DSP.

This split in the DSP will not disrupt the production and distribution of Green Left Weekly. Any readers who are interested can read the positions of the two sides at http://www.dsp.org.au and http://www.lpf.org.au. There is also a vigorous discussion of this issue on the GLW discussion list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GreenLeft_discussion/.

In the immediate aftermath of such political divisions, feelings on both sides inevitably run high. In order to keep the pages of GLW focussed on the issues and struggles that unite us, the editors have decided for now to direct debate about this split in the left to the Green Left discussion list.

Stuart Munckton & Emma Murphy, Green Left Weekly editors.