Spending on spooks a government priority

Friday, August 22, 2014

The age of entitlement might be over for some, but the spooks are not among them. There are six security and intelligence services in Australia, the largest of which is the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).

In 2004, it was getting by with 700 staff and a budget of $150 million. Now it has a staff of 1780 with a budget of $600 million at their disposal.

The budget for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) has gone from $100 million to $300 million over the same period. The numbers in the Australian Federal Police have escalated from 1327 to 6400 in the last decade, while its budget has more than doubled to $1.6 billion.

And there is more to come. Apparently it is now necessary to boost the six spooks' budgets by a further $630 million to tackle “home grown terrorism”.

At the same time, the federal government has been busy taking the axe to legal assistance services, which lost $43 billion in funding last December. Cuts to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (ATSIS), family violence prevention legal services, and community legal centres have left about 500,000 people a year unable to access essential legal services.

The chair of ATSIS was reported as saying that representatives of Indigenous legal services have been trying to meet Attorney-General George Brandis since last year’s election. They have had no luck so far. He’s obviously too busy supporting the spooks spying on the rest of us.

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The real activist in Australia are not many. Mostly are random innocent targets who get picked up by them because they are smart. I cannot deny the fact mostly these spooks go around bullying,harassing,role playing mind games with these targets. What do the government do with all these power? Who are targets?
Governments : role players.
Targets : Muslims(mostly),activists, you get in way of elite class.

Role players can be any of agents pretending to be a fellow citizen like German Stasis used to do. What do they do?
1. Your bf or gf.
2. Gays/Lesbians to check your level of religion(Muslims usually).
3. Going around pretending to be your coworkers asking about war on terror.
4. Pretending to your friends harassing you about what you think about war on terror and ISIS and all that non-sense. If you dare to mention to these freaks that Alqaeda, ISIS are creation and are funded by USA and allies, they get real mad at you for pointing out facts(Ask the Aussie Muslims lols).
5. Damaging property of targets when they are not home.
6. Breaking in to target home.
7. Making you lose jobs and harassing you at job repeating mind torture personal questions.
8. Starting fights to cause family divorces and loss of child custody.
9. Ultimate target is defined as torturing a targets to make them commit suicides.
10. If any of the targets dare to walk to press or talk, they are usually killed in random car accidents.

Yes the above happen on Australian soil on daily basis.The job with most such incidents of work place bullying by spooks is cabs where these spooks harass the Muslim cab drivers across Australia or jobs with most interaction with people.The above can literally be understood as torture but what can anyone do or say?Similarly wikileaks or those who associate with them face same issues.

Now the above program with increased funding is being directed towards activists like wikileaks or anyone who works with wikileaks. If anyone in press dares to look into role playing and mind torture games, they know what will happen to them?car accident? suicide?

So its already worst but soon targets will be less Muslims and more activists then those who close eyes now saying “Making Aussie Muslims commit suicides is awesome” will bloody know why human rights are important.

The golden care of money
“first you create a threat(ISIS,AQ)> get government to pay contractors(role players,security companies)>the richer gets richer)”

Thank you Edward Snowden.