Solidarity statement with Greek workers' 48-hour general strike from Indonesian Workering People's Association


To the comrades of PAME and the working class of Greece

We, Working People's Association (PRP), and the working class in Indonesia is watching closely to the struggle of the working class in Greece, lead by the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME). We understand the long history of revolt by the people in Greece against any form of oppression.

PAME called for a 48-hour national strike on April 21-22 against the decision of the government, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to increase the retirement age, to reduce pensions and to limit the medical and pharmaceutical coverage.

The PRP and the working class of Indonesia fully support your struggle. We believe this strike will mark new revolt against oppression from capitalism.

Hundreds years of capitalism has shown us that there will be no justice, democracy, peace, welfare under capitalism. Now in time of the global capitalism crisis when billions of people worldwide living in poverty, starving unemployed, without decent health facility, without housing, without pensions the solution of the international bourgeois class is to protect the bourgeoisie and sacrifice the working class.

They cut our wages, pensions and bonuses to pay interest to the speculator.

The bourgeoisie's existence is a crime. The house they live in, the car they drive, the capital they own, their profits — they got it all from the blood and sweat shed by the working class.

A strike will be remarkable lesson for the working class. In the unity of each and every worker during a strike, workers will learn to believe in their own power. They will learn that there is no power capable to destroy and no power is stronger that the power of working class unity.

Now, the way forward is to have a united front of the left. Act jointly, destroy the existing capitalist structure take the power and build socialist programs.

Socialist programs must include nationalisation of all public utilities, strategic industry and banking sector under the democratic control and management of the working class: no to national debt payment, instead provide health, education and housing for the people.

Only unity and the victory of the working class can bring about a new world that is just and humane, controlled by the toiling people.

Let us now end this solidarity statement with the slogan of the working class in Indonesia: Power to the Workers! The People Will Be Prosperous!

Socialism, the True Liberation for Working People!

Socialism, the Solution for Global Crisis of Capitalism!

Unite, Build Working Class Party!

Central Committee,
Working People Association (KP-PRP) of Indonesia