Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor


By Chris Latham

Since President Suharto resigned last May the repression in Indonesia has continued. At least 15 students have been killed, 15 students remain "disappeared" — suspected dead — and a another 10 students remain imprisoned.

In response to the repression, Resistance has called an international day of solidarity with the students of Indonesian and East Timor. The protest will demand that the Australian government call for the freeing of all political prisoners and detained students, end military ties with the Indonesian regime and end recognition of Indonesia's occupation of East Timor.

Scheduled for May 22, the day after the first anniversary of Suharto's resignation, the rally has been sponsored by a variety of human rights, solidarity, student and socialist organisations from Europe, the US and around the Asia-Pacific region. It is vital that the day receive as much support as possible.

Resistance has started a campaign to win support from Australian student organisations and trade unions. For more information about how to get involved or sponsor the day, phone Chris Latham on (02) 9690 1230 or your local Resistance branch.