Socialist candidate condemns climate fraudsters

Socialist Alliance candidate for Brisbane Ewan Saunders.

On June 15, climate sceptics held a forum at the Brisbane Irish Club. This forum was the subject of a protest by climate change activists. Ewan Saunders is the Socialist Alliance candidate for Brisbane who helped organise the protest. His speech is reprinted below.


Ian Plimer, Bob Carter, Peter Ridd: these are the real climate fraudsters, never mind the so-called scandals around a few emails last year.

The time where it was okay to just ignore these fossil fuel lobbyists in academic garb has come and gone. Now we must nail these fraudsters for what they are.

The global campaign to attack and discredit climate science and climate scientists has scored big over the past two years, and this has been reflected in opinion polls. Doubt is a powerful weapon against action.

Characters like Ian Plimer use words like “fraud” and “swindle” to describe the undeniable scientific consensus that climate change is accelerated by human activity. Plimer and his friends are the real fraudsters, and people need to switch on to this very organised global campaign.

Almost invevitably, you will find these academics with deep conflict of interests on the subject of climate change, like Professor Plimer's longstanding mining industry interests.