Socialist Alliance: 'Stand up for your rights'


The Socialist Alliance will launch its campaign for the NSW election with a rally and concert on February 24.

"In a world where all progressive people can see that there are big problems that governments are steadfastly refusing to take seriously, our election campaign is aiming to inspire people to take action that can make a difference", lead upper house candidate Susan Price told Green Left Weekly. "That's why we've chosen our campaign slogan 'Stand up for your rights' and that's why our election launch will be a political concert."

Price, who is also the president of the University of NSW branch of the National Tertiary Education Union, explained that the campaign launch will interweave political music with short speeches by the candidates. "It will be a fun night and hopefully something of a revival for those looking for fundamental social change", she said.

The Socialist Alliance candidates for the upper house are trade unionist Susan Price, Aboriginal rap artist Jakalene X, human rights and anti-war campaigner Raul Bassi, and same-sex rights campaigner Rachel Evans. The alliance is also running Stop the War Coalition activist Pip Hinman in the seat of Marrickville and student movement leader Jess Moore for the seat Wollongong.

"All our candidates are recognised and respected activists", Socialist Alliance state co-convenor Duroyan Fertl told GLW. "A big part of our message is that nothing substantial will change unless people actively resist the policies of the Labor and Liberal governments, which rule on behalf of the corporate elite. In that sense, activism is an indispensable first step."

The Socialist Alliance goes further, however, presenting the case for a socialism in which democratic planning and collective action can solve problems like global warming and the water crisis, and enable efficient and socially just provision of services.

"We want people to get involved in this campaign", said Price. "Why not round up some friends and come along to the election launch as one step?"

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