Snap protest for democracy in Egypt

Photo: Jim McIlroy

SYDNEY — "As we speak, Egypt is on fire," Arab community activist Omar Mostafa told about 50 people who attended a snap protest rally in support of the recent democracy protests in Egypt at Town Hall Square on January 29.

"People are burning police stations and offices of the ruling party," he said. "[Egyptian dictator] Hosni Mubarak will go; it's just a matter of when. Democracy will win in Egypt."

The crowd chanted: "Down, down Mubarak! Free Eqypt! Free, free the Arab world! Free Palestine! Free Iraq! Free Lebanon! Free Tunisia! Global Intifada! World Intifada!"

Below: A subsequent January 30 rally in Sydney's Hyde Park was attended by 300 members of the Egyptian community in Sydney and their supporters. Photos and video by Peter Boyle.

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