Seminar on Latin America


Seminar on Latin America

By Roberto Jorquera

BRISBANE — Forty people attended a Latin American seminar on November 9 organised by CISLAC, the Guatemalan Human Rights Group, Medical aid for El Salvador, El Salvador Solidarity Group and the Pablo Neruda Cultural Centre.

Discussion ranged from a historical view of the effects of the Spanish landing in 1492 upon the indigenous people and the environment to the present attacks by multinational companies on the economies of the region. The day also included a session on the current situation of the different liberation movements and struggles.

The day concluded with a discussion of establishing a 500 Years of Indigenous and Popular Struggles Committee in relation to the commemoration of the so-called discovery by Christopher Columbus of the Americas in 1492.

A major theme was the need to increase solidarity work with Cuba. get as many people involved in the committee. For more information, contact Roberto on 358 4875.