Searches Warranted? (Add, Copy, Delete, Alter)

Now we have a press sensation,

As chilling as we’ve ever had.

Ita says intimidation,

Is there something they want to add?

Copy, delete, alter, add.


Who was the judge or magistrate

Signed the warrant without falter?

Did they perchance hesitate

When they saw “delete” or “alter”?

Add, copy, delete, alter.


Why let police play with the papers?

Weird enough (for the sake of Pete).

How often do they grant such capers?

What might the cops want to delete?

Alter, add, copy, delete.


There’s so much not yet explained,

No wonder the press are stroppy,

Denials so far are truly strained,

A pattern the world might copy?

Delete, alter, add, copy.


When will abuses go too far?

When will the fear-mongering end?

We ask where legal norms now are,

Draconian laws a ceaseless trend,

The lack of basic rights bizarre.