Scotland aims for 100% renewable energy by 2020

The Scottish government announced on May 20 that it was aiming to use only  renewable energy  by 2020, said on May 22 — increasing its target from 80%.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond, from the Scottish National Party (SNP), said: “Because the pace of development has been so rapid, with our 2011 target already exceeded, we can now commit to generating the equivalent of 100% of Scotland's own electricity demand from renewable resources by 2020.

“Offshore wind will play a key role in achieving our ambitions.” said Scotland holds about 25% of Europe's offshore wind and tidal energy resources and 10% of its potential wave capacity.

The article said the Scottish government has taken steps to become more independent in its control over its renewable energy resources. The SNP administration criticised British electricity market reforms for jeopardising its potential to do this.

The Scottish government has ruled out building new nuclear plants, said.