RIP Ollie MC

January 11, 2012
Ollie MC
Ollie MC.

Ollie MC was an activist and hip hop artist, whose wheelchair was seen from the stage, to the streets, rallies and the coffee shop. Determined and unforgettable, he bore witness to the struggle for truth and justice.

When you met Ollie, he made an impression. His talent with beats, rhymes and fighting and soulful lyrics stayed with you. His energy, cheekiness and ridicule of the corrupt, stayed with you.

But most of all, his example made an impression. Ollie MC was theory and practice.

He locked on, wheelchair bound, to Melbourne’s child detention centre at a Free The Refugees Action. The Victorian police capsicum sprayed him. Ollie lambasted them, and the inhumanity of mandatory detention was heard on TV and radio stations for a week.

Ollie put his body on the line to protest gas mining in pristine Aboriginal land in the Kimberly, in north West WA, last year. Like many of us, Ollie was inspired by the Occupy movement, and performed at Occupy Perth, lifting spirits and morale.

In the last month of his life, Ollie went to Cambodia with his partner Izzy Brown from Combat Wombat and collaborator Frances Evans, and did performances and recordings with Cambodian kids in collaboration with the United Struggle Project, in Buddhist Schools, and NGO This Life Cambodia.

Ollie died tragically, too young, in a car accident on December 29 in Wangaratta. His voice and messages live on through his music , leaving us his legacy of truth and inspiration in the fight for justice.

[More information on Ollie MC. To find out more about the United Struggle Project, visit]

Video: Ollie MC and Izzy Brown (from Combat Wombat) perform at Occupy Perth last year. Izzy Brown.

Video: Ollie MC's song 'Navigate the Crosswind'. upstartrecordings.

Video: Music clip jointly produced by the United Struggle Project and the This Life Cambodia NGO. Izzy Brown.


I met Ollie, Izzi and little Bazzi when they came to the Kimberley to protest the looming industrialization of the region... I met them at Walmadan (James Price Point) and was impressed by not only his enthusiasm for life itself but for the environment around him... but mostly I was impressed by his humanity... his love of people regardless of who they were his friends are legion from all walks for he was a young man with a huge heart and great love you couldnt but be inspired and taken by his whole persona... genuine caring vibrant enthusiastic beyond many... his love and caring for Izzy and hers for him stood out as a beacon of light and their love for little Bazzi was beautiful. Ollie was determined to lockon at the woodside compound even though it meant going some kilometers through dense scrub to get to the site chosen... his chair was not an issue in his mind... and so when the time come Ollie was there ready and went under the machinery and locked on... he was an incredible orator for the Kimberley I love the three of them as my own children... and am inspired by Ollies life to change the course of my own even at my age and time in life it seems the young CAN inspire us older people to change not only the course of their own lives but the course of what they do to change things Vaile Ollie MC!!! May the winds take you soaring above the clouds on wings of gossimer until a time without end... and may Izzie and Bazzi find peace in their loss Thanks for this obituary Shane Eyre... ala "chained Shane" ala "spiritman" Kimberley Protector member... we will carry Ollie with us into the next phase of the fight
Ollie’s life was like an embrace from heaven. The world was blest with his pretence. Very sad to know he's not here any more.
Met Ollie at the occupy perth thing, and was fucking impressed at him standing up for some of the Nyungah people who where listening to their gig, but where being harrassed by the coppers. This friendly wheelchaired guy with legs the shape of matchsticks had more power and convinction and ultimately results dealing with the coppers than my able-legged self who took aproximaltely 20 nanoseconds to go from "poor guy" (re wheelchair) to "whoah this cats awesome". This man needed no pity, he was out to change the world. You made a hell of an impression on me Ollie. Awesome bloke. But its unfair you had to leave us so young.
This is very sad news. I only met him last year in WA. I shot these clipss of him at the Anti Uranium Mining Gig * *

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