The Banana Republic: A left analysis of Australia's economic problems, is a set of 10 audio cassettes featuring discussions with Ted Wheelwright, Tricia Caswell, Frank Stillwell, Sue McCreadie, Evan Jones, Jack Mundey, Rhonda Sharp and John Halfpenny. The set originated as a series on Radio 5UV, Adelaide, and costs $65 from Labour Studies Resource Centre, South Australian CAE, 46 Kintore St, Adelaide 5000.

XY (formerly Wet Patch) is a new national magazine focussed on men. 28 pages of discussion, comment, analysis, book reviews, poetry and more. XY affirms a healthy, life-loving and non-oppressive masculinity, and explores the hows and whys of personal and social change. Produced four times a year. Subscriptions $12 (full-time paid work), $10 (part time), $8 (unwaged). Make cheques and money orders payable to XY Account. PO Box 26, Ainslie ACT 2602.

Winning the war, losing the peace: costs and consequences of the war against Iraq by Nic Maclelland David Spratt is an outline of the build-up to war, the war itself and its aftermath. "We hope that by so doing, some who may have felt disempowered at the war's end may feel less so. The anti-war movement did not stop the war, but the costs and consequences of the conflict reaffirm that we were right in our opposition", write the authors. The 31-page booklet, edited by Frans Timmerman, is available from the Alternate News Service, PO Box 275, Carlton South 3053, for $4.

World Rainforest Report is a quarterly magazine published by the Rainforest Information Centre, PO Box 368, Lismore NSW 2500. Issue 19, just out, has articles on New Guinea, eco-forestry, and rainforest issues from Sarawak to Cameroon. Subscriptions are $15 for four issues. Back issues are also available.

Interdisciplinary Peace Research is a twice-yearly magazine committed to a "holistic conception of peace". It seeks to analyse "all types of violence, physical and structural, intended and unintended", as well as dealing with traditional concerns such as war, arms control and social justice. Subscriptions are $25 ($40 for institutions) from La Trobe University Press, La Trobe University, Bundoora Vic 3083.

The Gulf War and the New World Order, by Andre Gunder Frank and Saleh Jaber, consists of two lengthy essays, one by each of the authors, analysing the political economy of the Gulf War and the world political situation afterwards. Andre Gunder Frank is a professor of development economics and social sciences at the University of Amsterdam, and Saleh Jaber is editor of an Arab

theoretical magazine, Al Mitraqa. 71 large-format pages, $8. Limited stocks available from Resistance Bookshop, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale, Sydney.