Residents fight to save historic bridge

Community Action for Windsor Bridge rallied outside NSW Parliament House on February 6. Photo: Peter Boyle

One of the most staunch resident action groups fighting the corporate profit-driven, road-building frenzy of the NSW Coalition government is Community Action for Windsor Bridge (CAWB).

They have courted arrest in their resistance to a plan to demolish the historic Windsor Bridge and build a three-lane replacement bridge and a major arterial road through Thompson Square, Australia’s oldest public space.

Since July 2013, CAWB and its band of loyal supporters have been occupying Thompson Square 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Volunteers who take it in turns to protect the square on a roster of four-hour shifts report meeting wonderful people, having a few laughs, and strengthening their resolve to fight this third-rate plan.

They rallied outside NSW Parliament House on February 6.

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